Biography & Philosophy
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Michael Jon Neff was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, affording him the opportunity to develop a unique creative style in the city most like any European city in America. For over 20 years he has developed his "photographer's eye" and expressed creativity through the art of photography. Being well traveled, he has applied his experiences in art and architecture to documenting people, cultures and places. His style is photojournalistic with the delicate balance of traditionalism.

His objective is to capture images that tell a story as it unfolds, but doing so in a discreet and unobtrusive way. Michael Jon strives to see "beyond what's apparent" and capture those unique moments of emotional expression and gestures that occur between family, friends and couples. His goal is to provide you with great images that capture the unique spirit of your event. He and his wife assistant Susan understand that you wedding day will go by quickly, but your photographs will last forever. They are committed to capture your day for the present, but also the time when memory day and find details you did not even realize happened and images of guest you don't remember meeting.

Michael Jon works openly with his clients in every way. He believes in building relationships with his clients, so there will be a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that will yield the best possible photographic results. He will discuss the client's ideas, styles, preferences and expectations and modify his approach accordingly.